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I’m not from this planet. I don’t even know how I got here.

One day I was just there picking bosha druit and then I woke up in some ward with a stranger holding me. I was terrified.

I could speak, but this…person?…what are these called? People?…didn’t understand me and I kept screaming “I’m NOT supposed to be here!!!”

But here I am so I am stuck. This is not what I’m supposed to be. Why was I sent here?? What is this place? I’m an ethereal being and whatever entity out there gave me a BODY? I didn’t ask for this.


Every now and then I meet…people?…The Others?. Suddenly I know. They aren’t supposed to be here either. It’s like alien abduction in reverse, or so I am told. These entities are odd. They can’t sense others’ feelings or even write with correct grammar and even if they can, it seems they can only do it in just one language. How is that possible? Doesn’t everyone understand the universal language of love? These annoying skin bags don’t.

It seems not so. They are so caught up in what color you are. What language you speak, what deity you worship, yet meanwhile they argue over borders and things that don’t really matter because apparently their planet is very importantly divided.

I’m tired and I want to go home.

But I will stay. And teach.

Even though I am not from this planet.

But shhh…they don’t know they are stardust either. Give them time.




Interview with a has-been

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The Cast

Eddie Sala ~ Lead singer of The Nothings, a once popular local band that could have made it big…but didn’t

Vince Le Grand ~ 20-something rock ‘n’ roll interviewer for Spite! Magazine

Sheena ~ The most beautiful girl in the world

Jack Stoddard ~ Drummer for The Nothings

Mindy ~ Some chick from the past that Eddie used to screw and barely remembers

Groupie Girl ~ ‘nuf said

(Scene: Eddie has just finished playing a “comeback show” with The Nothings, although he is the only original member. It is late, but it’s early as rockers go. The bar has cleared out and Eddie has had a few drinks and perhaps a few “other things”. His voice is raspy from singing, his hair grey around the edges, lines about his face, but he still has that arrogance all lead singers tend to have. He holds a cigarette in one hand and a cipher of a groupie in the other. She says nothing. She is only there for decoration. Her name is unimportant.  Vince Le Grand has stayed after the show to record an interview with the “legendary” Eddie Sala. He doesn’t really want to be there but he’s being paid and so he showed up. There is a cheap analog tape recorder on the table between them.  The downstairs bar is stale and smoky and as they speak the roadies are hauling the equipment out the basement door in the back.  Some of this can be heard in the background.  Although the bar is closed, the bartender has not stopped serving the crew…or Eddie.)

Eddie: So yeah so….didja have a good night? Man we rocked it out there tonight didn’t we?!!  Wow yeah man!! Woooooo!!!  Hehehe… So whaddya wanna know? I mean, what do you wanna know? Hehehe, shit, dude, ya gonna waste my time? What the hell do ya wanna know? Heheeeeee. My time is valuable, so hey what do you wanna know?

Vince: I just wanna ask you a few questions. There’s only a few things on here, ok? (he taps his wide-ruled steno pad were he has written down a few obligatory questions)

Eddie: Fine then what?

Vince: (he pauses a moment) Tell me about Sheena...

Eddie: Really? You’re gonna go there? First question is Sheena? Really? WHY? (he is agitated and squirms in his seat but Groupie Girl rubs his shoulders and he calms down)

Vince: Well yeah. Your fans wanna know about her.  They’ve heard all the stories and now they wanna hear it from you.

Eddie: What?  That’s fucked up.  Ok, whatever, but I don’t understand why they wanna know about that, because you know, she was kind of a footnote in my life really, I mean she was nothin’ really. Geez, what about my music? Don’t they wanna know about my music? I mean, there’s my music!  It’s golden shit, man, yeah?! And all you wanna hear about is Sheena, I mean seriously, man, c’mon, you’re killin’ me here! (he laughs nervously and takes a puff off his cigarette)

Vince: Well we can talk about something else if you want but it’s always gonna come back to this, you know.

(There is a long pause while Eddie finishes off the remainder of his beer and motions to Groupie Girl to go get him another ~ he doesn’t want to start this in front of her. She kisses him, grabs his glass, and disappears to go flirt with the bartender.)


Eddie: (watching Groupie Girl walk away and ogling her, turns to interviewer) Well, Sheena was….she was beautiful, man. I mean, really. Sheena was really..beautiful. Geez, what guy would not look at that woman and say that she was not gorgeous? I mean, she had…this blonde hair…oh my God…this natural blonde hair, and she had these green eyes – oh God.  Every time I looked at her I just, I couldn’t….I just couldn’t get enough of her. But she would look back at you and you knew that she….that she was…she was not there. Her eyes were blank, just nothing. (makes a face at Vince to demonstrate) She was on drugs, you know. She did a lot of smack back then; she did a lot of shit like that but I didn’t care about any of it because she was gorgeous and I…well…yeah…

And there was Mindy, you know….eh….she was ok….eh no, fuck Mindy! Mindy was this chick who just followed me around to all my shows everywhere I went and I didn’t need that, you know? I didn’t need that. I didn’t need that, but I couldn’t do anything about that right? I mean if the chick wants to throw herself at me who am I to say no to that, right?  (he chuckles and Vince wonders how long this is going to take)

(finally getting around to it) Then there was Sheena. Man, Mindy was nothing next to her, man. But Sheena was Jack’s girl, you know? And Jack was such a loser. He was such a loser. I mean, he totally had this amazing chick and he didn’t have the first clue what to do with her. She was awesome!  I mean…she was in med school. She was in MED SCHOOL!! For chrissakes she was in fucking MED School!! And, you know what?  He got her hooked on that smack…the heroin, you know. Geez what a loser he was. And it all went to shit after that. I mean, we would go out and we’d play these clubs and I would write these songs and he would play drums, and I mean, he was horrible! He was horrible!  Have you ever heard of him?

Vince: (clearly bored at this point) Uhm, no, I don’t think so.

Eddie: Good! Cuz he sucked! (laughs arrogantly) Everyone’s heard of me, I mean, my god! My god, everyone’s heard of ME! I’m fuckin’ Eddie Sala, for god’s sake, everyone’s heard of me, right??  (Groupie Girl has returned with his fresh beer, and there is more nervous laughter as Eddie looks around then raises his glass to the weary roadies toting out the band gear, who are paying him no mind) The Nothings!!! Yeahhh!!!  Wooooooo!!!

Vince: (chuckles under his breath) Yeah man, sure, hehe.  Rock on dude.

Eddie: RIGHT? Right??! Yeah!  (pauses to take a long swig and kiss Groupie Girl)

(he continues) So there was this one night, you know? When Mindy wanted to go this new club, and I didn’t really wanna go, but then Sheena was there and I ditched Mindy and then we went back to this…house…uhm well it was a flop house and all these druggies lived there and it was nothin’ but room after room of all these mattresses and there wasn’t even anything to eat in the fridge, man, just some needles and the water didn’t even work. I think they were squatting but I didn’t ask too many questions ya dig? And lot of crazy shit went down there that night. (giggles like he has a big secret) A LOT of crazy things (rolls eyes and gives a knowing look to Vince who cannot stifle a yawn to save his life).

So later yeah? When everyone else left to go score some more smack and weed, Sheena looks over and said to me like, “hey ya wanna go to bed?” and I’m like “whoa whoa whoa you’re like Jack’s chick, man, I can’t do that, I can’t DO that!”  We were like on the bed together and she was like TOTALLY coming on to me (winks at bored Vince) and then Jack walked right by us because, you know, mattresses everywhere? Right? Hehe….He walked by and he was like, tosses a rubber at me, and he was like “Don’t knock her up, asshole, that’s MY job!!” (laughs so hard he coughs furiously and Groupie Girl pats his back to help).

And then Jack all went and sat in the corner on this chair with three legs held up by some bricks on one side and was reading this comic book, and I’m like “what the hell? whatever”.

And so I did her. I did her while he sat there and laughed like a moron five feet away from us.  That was the shit, I tell ya.  That was the shit.  (he smiles and gleams over at Groupie Girl, who smiles back at him but she doesn’t exactly know why)

And when it was all over you know what? She looked at me with those pretty green eyes of hers and she said “you know what Eddie? I’m going to be a doctor someday”. And I said “well then girl, what the fuck are you doing with a loser like me?” (he sighs heavily and closes his eyes tightly as he relives that painful moment)

She didn’t say anything back at me.  (he takes a drink and looks out the open back door into the dark ~ the basement is now quiet as all the roadies are gone ~ a Cure songs plays in the background, “Sometimes” ~ he lights another cigarette from Groupie Girl’s proffered match)

And then she rolled over off the bed and she pulled out a spoon and candle from a box behind the mattress, and I’m like “oh man no I had enough coke for one night” and she was like “no stupid it’s smack doncha wanna try some?”

Wait….are you gonna put this part in? I don’t wanna get arrested or anything like that, can we leave this part out?

Vince: Sure, sure…

Eddie: Are ya sure?

Vince: Sure. You have my word on it. (looks at his watch and rubs his left temple with his index finger)

Eddie: Well, so then she melted the shit, right? and then she put it in the needle and then she put a rope around my arm and then she slapped around for a vein. And I let her shoot me up.  I let her shoot me up for the first time.

And then we flew….and then we flew, man!  We flew like nobody’s business.  Wow.  Just wow…

(he motions for Groupie Girl to get him another beer and she complies ~ the bartender is really young and cute anyway)

So I left after that and spent a lotta days doing a lot of things. I tried to hang out with Mindy and do normal things but after Sheena well, it just wasn’t the same so I told Mindy to lose my number and quit coming to my shows. She tried crying and all that shit but that don’t work on me and really I didn’t care much. I was too taken up with Sheena. Mindy was such a loser anyway. She had like, a job and shit. (laughs like a dweeb) A fucking J.O.B. can you fuckin’ believe that? Hehe…. Such a loser. Only stupid people have jobs. Guys like us with real talent don’t need that shit, right? (he elbows Vince, who smiles weakly)

And so I went back to the squat where Sheena was, right?  I just couldn’t get enough of her. Or maybe it was the drugs I kept going back for. I don’t know. Don’t care really. As long as she was there everything was good. I just couldn’t leave her. I couldn’t do it. She WAS the smack in my veins. Man, shit…that sounds like a great song lyric, don’t it? (grabs a cocktail napkin and scribbles something down with a stub of a pencil the bar keeps there for Keno). It’s not like Jack cared anyway. He was always there with some stupid comic book and tapping on everything like a stupid drummer. Sheena and I? Yeah we fucked and lot and did a bunch of drugs and shit. I was so stupid back then. Hey, at least I didn’t have a job, right? (laughs at the funny he thinks he has just made)

Then one day I went to the flop and nobody was there. (he downs the brand new beer he has been handed, all in one gulp) It was all boarded up like and I didn’t know shit where anyone had went. By that time the band had broken up so I didn’t even see Jack anymore. Man I thought my heart was gonna fall through the floor when I saw those padlocks and shit on that place. Might as well have been a padlock on my heart.

Oooh!!! (grabs another napkin and scribbles some more song lyrics he thinks are amazing then stuffs it in his lapel pocket)

About a year later I ran into the two of them at some dive down in the city and the two of them were all coked up like crazy and Sheena’s pretty green eyes were all glassy and red like from the drugs or whatever but maybe ’cause she had been crying, I don’t know. Then she goes and pulls a bomb and I find out that her and…..her and fuckin’ Jack got MARRIED! They fuckin’ got MARRIED! What the hell??! (Groupie Girl has brought over yet another drink ~ Eddie has switched to whiskey now per her doing ~ the bartender has persuaded her to get Eddie too drunk to function and it’s working as he is slurring his words now)

Can you believe that? Shit man. Shit…. Didn’t she know she was supposed to be with ME? With ME? Not him. Not fuckin’ “Comic Book Jack”. She was supposed to be with me!!! Sheena had talent, she had talent! She did NOT belong with Jack! He was an asshole! He was a fuckin’ drummer! Who the hell falls in love with the fuckin’ drummer, I mean really? Drummers are losers, right? I mean, I was the lead singer, right? I wrote the songs. I was the one with the talent, I was the one who got up there and sang and Jack just banged on the drums like a monkey. But I could WRITE goddammit! I had everything! I was tall, I had a big dick, and he was like, a little short-ass, I mean seriously? He liked comic books. Really? Who likes comic books anyway?  Retards, maybe.  But you know? She married him. She fucking married him. (he spits on the floor angrily and without remorse as if this would fix everything)

She was a fucking heroin addict anyway, you know? (he closes his eyes and Groupie Girl massages him absently)


So, a lot of time went by and I didn’t see Jack or her for a really long time, right? Lots of chicks came and went but I always kept thinking of Sheena. As if I could stop, right? Then a few days ago….a few days ago…. (pauses and chokes up ~ he is three sheets to the wind by this time and no one is surprised by this)

Goddammit!! Why did you have to bring her up???!!? (closes eyes and pounds his fist on the table ~ his mouth turns to a grimace like a Greek tragedy mask and the tears begin to flow out the sides of his eyelids and he doesn’t try to stop them)

I found out that…I found out that….oh god, Sheena died! She DIED, man!!! Shit!!! She fucking DIED!!!  (he puts his head in his hands at starts sobbing ~ his bald spot is quite visible from this angle~ after a bit, he sits up ~ his voice trails off as he sniffs back the tears, wiping his nose on the sleeve of his green/blue sharkskin suit jacket, then his hands on his pants)

You’re such an asshole for bringing this up!  Shit, man!….I can’t believe you asked me this!

(as Eddie pulls himself together, we can tell the sun is beginning to come up as the first rays of light are streaming through the still open back door ~ it is then we can fully make out Eddie’s face and the fact that he is no longer the young guy he thinks he is ~ he stares at the floor then grasps his hands together ~ Groupie Girl has passed out on two chairs behind him and he is serious now….)

She died, man.  She fucking died. Fucking heroin. Sheena died. And I found out in the stupidest way possible by reading this stupid rag that stupid Jack put out trying to revive his stupid loser never was any good career in some punker magazine most people would sooner wipe their asses with than read. He was nothing. I was everything and he was nothing….and Sheena is gone. She’s GONE, man!  She OD’d in bed one night right next to him. I bet he was reading a fucking comic book when it happened. What an asshole.  What a loser.  Oh geez….

(he guzzles the last drops of the whiskey he is holding and stares defiantly at Vince, eyes blazing)

And so, here we are. I’m old and she’s dead. Sheena’s dead, dammit!  Are ya happy now?!! (he is in visible pain and breathing in short bursts)

It shouldn’t be like this, you know? It just shouldn’t be like that. She was supposed to be with me, you know? Life just shouldn’t be like that. Shit. She was beautiful and smart and she was gonna be a doctor. And she deserved so much better than what happened to her. Fucking heroin. Fucking Jack.  She was supposed to be with me…

(another long pause and Eddie is finished now, beaten, resigned, dejected)

So there. You wanted to know. You had to ask….

(he stands up and absently jiggles the change in his pockets, looking at Vince, who got much more than he ever expected)

Can we turn this thing off now?…..



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There was something about the way she made her “7′s”…putting that little line through the middle of it.  He’d seen it before, but had never known anyone who actually did it.  It intrigued him; he wondered what other interesting oddities she possessed…what else lay as yet untold just beneath the surface.  She was one-of-a-kind, for sure, and as time went by he would come to realize why it all made her so different from any woman he had ever met.

Looking back, everything seemed rather dreamlike.  The circumstances of their meeting would have struck anyone as unusual, but there it was: the stark truth of Fate’s laying on of hands…a complete and total change — hang a “u-ie” on the road of Life — and suddenly nothing would ever be the same.  Was it love at first sight?  He didn’t know, but he did know that if it weren’t that, it was definitely something bigger.   Surreal, perhaps?

He remembered that first evening well.  One minute he was nodding off to the drone of video games at a friend’s house while the rain poured down outside — the next thing he knew, she was stepping through the front door into the dark, tiny living room, smiling at him, green eyes flashing, tossing back her damp, black hair as if she had waited all her life just to be in that space at that particular moment. He didn’t know who she was nor how she had arrived there — this seemingly ethereal being manifest before him — but one look and they were bonded…a bond loathe to be undone…a bond across forgotten veils.

He would come to reminisce over their long days spent together…entangled, a mass of limbs and digits and flesh…over the way she spoke when she talked of her passions, or the sound of her breathing deep in the night.  His mind would wander at the oddest times…during a conversation with a colleague, or while ordering dinner…and all the days and weeks and months they had spent together would come flooding back to him, splashing against the sides of his reality and washing away whatever semblance of normalcy he had managed to construct after she abruptly disappeared from his world.

Sparkle and fade…

In darker moments, he wondered whether it had all been worth it.  Whether anything good had come of the entire affair.  It was on those days he felt the most introspective.  It was on those days he rarely left the bed they had shared, but rather stayed where he felt safe…gin and tonic in hand, infused with melancholy, musing about what might have been.  “If Only” became his new-found mantra.

She never shaved, he remembered, nor cut her hair.  In fact, he found her hairy armpits and legs beautiful, which was rather unlike him.  At the time he took little notice and chalked it up to yet another one of her endearing quirks.  She could do no wrong in his eyes, and so he allowed for any and all of her whims, desires, and delights.  There were times when she took advantage of his good nature, but he knew it, and endured it simply for love of her.  He would have let her do anything…would have done anything for her.  And she adored him truly.  Whatever emotion he put out toward her was returned in kind intensely.

It was an August day — or was it July? — no matter, it was summer and the sea was a siren, calling them forth.  He forgot to remember he wasn’t much of a swimmer before she whisked him away to the shore.  She loved the ocean….lakes….rivers.  Any body of water drew her.  Strange, he thought.  In his eyes she always seemed more attuned to fire than to water, but that was truth of it — take it or leave it.

Laughing like a child, she ran into the waves.  She splashed him (which miffed him) and dared him to follow her.  Further and further out she went.  He ventured after her, helpless to resist her temptations, and soon found himself flailing in the drink.

Then she was there — holding him tenderly and telling him how much she loved him, so very much — and somehow, some way he was back on land.  He didn’t know how he had gotten there, but he was glad, and pressed his body into the beach with all his might.  She kissed him.  It shocked him later that they had made love right there…not caring a whit who saw nor even bothering to cover themselves.  He remembered that no one had seemed to notice, even though there were people not three yards away eating sandwiches and swilling cheap beer.  They were all oblivious, it seemed, and he wondered whether it had ever really happened.

Another time…

It was snowing.  She always got cold…so very cold…and would shiver at the slightest drop in temperature.  But there was white beauty to play in and fun to be had, so they built a snowman…albeit a lop-sided sorry excuse for one.  She laughed at the sight of it and they made x-rated additions to the pathetic thing, horrifying the neighbors and amusing themselves relentlessly.  He couldn’t remember laughing so much in his entire life.  At that moment he thought of it as the best day he had ever experienced.

Then suddenly and for no apparent reason, she paused and looked at him and cried…deep, dark, soul-splitting sobs.  He knew not from whence they came.  He was flabbergasted.  He didn’t know *what* to think.  Such a delicate creature, he thought.  Something so precious, unique, and pure.  There was nothing to do but to hold her and wonder what the snow had unlocked inside of her.

Later they went inside…drank Chardonnay and ate dinner: a feast of rice, sushi, and sashimi…her favorites.  He couldn’t bring himself to move that food past his lips, so he politely shoveled it around his plate to make it look as if he had eaten (it always fed the cat later in the evening, when she finally fell asleep).  He wondered why she didn’t *do* meat — preferring fish and vegetables — but figured it was some vegetarian hippie thing, and then laughed at the thought of it.  She was too young to have been a “hippie”, or even to have been raised by any.

Spring came…

One day he woke early.  The house was quiet, save for the movement of the lace curtains dancing in the breeze.  It was warm enough, finally, to open the windows.  He hadn’t been up at that hour in a long time, and felt somewhat guilty about enjoying the time alone.  Being with her was an exhausting endeavor, but one he loved even if it took everything he had.  She had an energy he had rarely witnessed.  She experienced every emotion with an intensity that was refreshing and disturbing at the same time.  He began to think there was something more to her he hadn’t sensed yet, but just couldn’t put his finger on.

He leaned over to kiss her, then got up and wandered aimlessly through the house from room to room.  He was bored and restless and too tired to care about anything in particular.  He pondered pouring himself a vodka, but blushed at the thought that it was only 6:30 a.m. and “what would people think?”.  If she had awakened, she wouldn’t have cared, really, but he didn’t want her to think badly of him.  It always weighed heavily on his mind that she might leave him.  He needn’t have.  She adored him without reserve, but he worried…always worried.

Drifting down the stark, bare hall, he realized it was a house without family, without memories — at least, none that he knew of.  He had no siblings and neither did she.  It troubled him that their lives were devoid of connections, but that was what ultimately drew them together.  They had so much in common.

He paused a moment and thought:

He never knew his father.  His mother had raised him alone by the sea but then abandoned him out of the blue to the hell of a series of foster homes.  It was an odd juxtaposition of love and hate: the boy who was never taught to swim, yet had instilled in him a love of the ocean.  It struck him as strange, but it didn’t occupy his thoughts very much.  Then he met *her* — and everything changed.

Enough obsessing.

He wandered into the spare room.  The closet door was ajar a bit.  He later regretted ever taking the bait, but at the time it felt right, and so he moved the door just a little, for no real reason other than it seemed the thing to do.  The closet — to his surprise — was completely empty, save for a small antique chest…locked, wrapped, and looking seriously forbidding.  But the padlock was cheap and easily opened, and the next thing he knew he was staring at the contents of the box.

He gazed, perplexed, trying to figure out where he had seen these specific items  before.  After a moment he shrugged them off as a couple of ugly old coats some maiden aunts used to wear. Perhaps they were valuable, but they were just plain hideous to him, so he closed the lid and went to make breakfast.  Chocolate and kippers…yet another of her favorites.  He woke her with loving caresses, serving her the food on a silver platter.

Inexplicably, she cried once more.  Well crap…he thought.  At that point he stopped trying to comprehend her moods.

A year passed, and there they were together,  in love.  He loved her, and she loved him.  But there was something else going on, he knew, and it was eating at the very fabric of their relationship.

One evening they were out on the town — plainly caught up in each other — to the point where people remarked how happy they seemed together.  But one thing led to another, and there they were yelling in a public place and acting like spoiled children.  Tired beyond belief, he slept alone on the couch…while she quietly whimpered in bed and wished she had never walked in that first night to rescue him.

Not long after, she announced she was going out. Two whole days later she returned, seemingly refreshed…laughing and happy, as if none of it had happened.  He had gone sick with worry and grief and anger.  She couldn’t see why he complained at her about it all.  There was another huge fight…their worst.

Where had she been?!!!

Why didn’t she call?

Why couldn’t she tell him where she was?

And why was the closet door in the spare room open a little, even though he had soundly closed it only a few days before?  Unless the cat had suddenly grown thumbs, it certainly wasn’t to blame!

He was determined…very determined…to find out what was going on. Things had come to an impasse, and something had to give.

“Honey, I’m going to the beach,” she said one day.  It was a stormy Monday afternoon and he had no idea why in the hell she wanted to go *there*, at that particular time.  This time he was irked at her.

“The beach?” he queried.  “But it’s raining!”

“I have to go.  It’s been too long.”  Her voice trailed off as she ran her fingers through her raven hair.  She looked up at him, emerald eyes brimming with tears.  A long pause.  He didn’t know what to say.

“Come WITH me!” she pleaded, trembling, crying, but he said no! curtly and so she left.  He watched her walk out the door without ever turning back and thought that just might be the last he would ever see of her.

That night he journeyed as he slept.  He was at the ocean. He followed her.  He found her.  She kissed him.  He cried.  Then she turned and went away into the grey water.  Things got fuzzy from there.

He didn’t awake until late the next day.  He was alone on the floor in the spare room, unsure of what had really occurred.  Orange slanted light poured through the blinds.  He had no idea how he had gotten there.  Yet another blip in his reality.  He was beginning to think he was going crazy.  Only one thing meant anything — he knew he loved her…and he knew he could never stand to lose her, no matter what might come to pass.  The overwhelming magnitude of it all was more than he could bear.

The vague scent of the sea was present in the air.  “Honey?”  He waited.  “You home?”  The house echoed with silence.  She wasn’t there.

He knew he needed to go to the beach…to find her, somehow, as his dreams had told him.  He wanted to hold her again and convince her to come to her senses…to return home safely with him.  He was certain she was there, and he just wanted her back in his arms.

His eyes stung from the combination of salt air and tears as he drove frantically to the beach.  The sun was beginning to fall heavily into the west, and there was an urgency to his purpose. His belly ached with hunger, but his thoughts were concerned with more important things.  The whitecaps seemed to speak to him, taunting him.

He didn’t know what was happening.  Nothing made sense anymore.  He knew he couldn’t take this.  He was falling apart…couldn’t handle losing her.  Where had she gone?  What was going on?  His head ached just pondering the possibilities of it all.

He pulled over by the side of the road and scanned the bleak shoreline.  He let his gaze drift out toward the open water, looking for something…anything.

And then he saw her.

He bolted from the Jeep and ran, ran as if everything depended on it, finally dropping to his knees in the sand.  He stared in disbelief as she arose from the sea out on the horizon, holding one of those damned fur coats, her black hair flowing around her.

His mind was racing.  How could she not have drowned? She was out so far!

He couldn’t fathom it.  He couldn’t think….

She seemed to be at one with the water, a part of it, yet separate.  Her laughter drifted to him on the wind, and he thought he saw the swish of a tail just next to her, thrashing.

He hesitated a moment which lasted a lifetime, and he would come to regret it forever.  It was a moment he could never take back.   She called to him.  He wanted so much to go with her.  The pull of the ocean drew him intensely, but he didn’t go.  He was a boy raised by the shore who couldn’t swim, and he was afraid.  So afraid.

Then finally with tears in her eyes, she blew him a kiss and disappeared beneath the waves.  And she was gone — gone with the tide…in her coat, her seal skin — back to that which she needed so much, but without the man she loved wholly, without question…and had loved throughout many lives.

He wept bitterly for the final loss of her.

He couldn’t handle it.

He couldn’t deal with it.

He fell apart.

But he had been too long on the land, and the sea was long ago for him, too far away in his memory — he just couldn’t follow….

And so he would live all his days wondering what might have happened had he just gone with her back to the sea…

…back to a life they had shared long ago…

As selkies….


Selkies are an Irish legend.  Some believe they are a form of faerie.  They are seals who take on human form, for one reason or the other, but who keep their seal skins (their coats) safely hidden for when they want to return to the sea.  If the coat is lost or stolen, they can never go back.

Thus, the story begins…